Effective Ways of Cleaning an Infant’s Mouth

Normally people think that it is important to clean the mouth of infant only after tooth appears. However, this is not true. Right from the beginning of the birth, it is essential to clean their mouth. The infants usually intake milk and this would sometimes get stuck to their gums. If not cleaned it time, it may lead to cavities as soon as they get their first tooth itself.

Hence, it is essential that you clean the infant’s mouth and this can be easily done by following a few tips that are mentioned below. By practicing some healthy habits, you can definitely avoid tooth decay that is caused among children.

ways of cleaning an infant’s mouthClean the Gums after Feeding

Once you have fed your baby, it is important that you clean the gums. Normally infants tend to sleep once they have taken milk. So during this time to clean their mouth, you are required to cradle the baby with an arm and then wrap a gentle washcloth that is clean to your index finger of the free hand. Once this has been done, make sure to gently give a massage to the gum tissues.

Never Put Baby to the Bed with Bottle

Normally people have the habit of putting baby to the bed with a bottle in their mouth thinking that the baby would drink milk on it’s own. But you should remember that this will spoil their gums and will later result to decay of the tooth.

Let them Drink a Little Water after Milk Consumption

It is ideally not possible for the infants to gobble after consumption of milk. Hence, it is better that you give them about 2 spoons of water to drink so that the particles of the milk are also washed away. This is one of the ways of cleaning of the infant’s mouth.

Develop Healthy Habits

Dental decay is a transmissible disease. Hence, sharing of utensils or nipple should not be done. When healthy habits are developed, the infant’s mouth will definitely be clean and will not result in tooth decay.

The above mentioned tips are the best to clean an infant’s mouth and by this, you can definitely be able to get rid of the problem of tooth decay. As responsible parents or caretakers, it is your duty to take good care of the oral health of infant by cleaning their mouth on a constant basis.

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