Tips To Cope With A Crying Baby And Keeping Your Cool

New parents are aware that a baby will cry[crying baby] from time to time. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make you angry.

In fact a steady and seemingly unending wail emerging from an inconsolable child could cause not only worry but extreme anger as well. Some tips to help you cope:

  • Understand that it is normal to feel frustrated and angry and being unable to do anything to silence a bawling baby. You are not a monster to feel that angry.
  • Also understand that sometime babies just need to cry; it is not a reflection on your parenting capabilities.
  • Pause and take a step back from the situation, telling yourself to relax and take it easy. Count to ten or twenty or repeat a soothing phrase, whatever helps.
  • Put the baby somewhere safe and take a break, perhaps in another room and try and regroup. When you come back, the baby may be diverted enough to stop crying on their own.
  • Take a walk. Put baby in a stroller and walk to dispel your own tension and to give baby a change of scene.
  • Verbalize your emotions, whether to yourself, or your friend, it may make you feel better just to have expressed aloud your frustrations.
  • If things get to be too much for you to handle, ask for help. Recognize that you also have your limits, don’t push yourself beyond them.


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