Reasons Why Babies Cry – Part 1

babies cryObviously the fact that babies cannot speak can flummox new parents as to the reason why their baby is bawling. Here is a checklist of the reasons why babies cry; eliminate them one by one to see the newborns’ cause for distress –

1. Hunger may be the most obvious reason why a baby cries – look for other signs such as rooting, smacking of lips and sucking of fist or fingers which are all signs that baby may be hungry.

2. A dirty diaper could be another reason for crying. Some babies seem not be bothered by a dirty diaper, while others don’t want to tolerate it for a moment longer than necessary.

3. Tired or sleepy. Parents may despair about this but it is inevitable – babies get tired and sleepy but cannot get to sleep by themselves; they have to be put to bed. Also overtired babies are more difficult to get to sleep.

4. A crying baby may simply want to be held. Cuddling with a parent, being held so they can see that beloved face and hear that voice, hearing a familiar heart beat and the unique smell of the parent; sometimes that may be all that the baby wants!

5. Sometimes it could be tummy problems like gas, colic, and so on that is causing the baby to cry.


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