5 Reasons Why Babies Cry: How to Soothe Them?

Its 3 am in the morning when you are just about to take a nap after a tiresome day with managing household chores and your tiny toddler. Suddenly you wake up hearing the cry of your newborn. But you are perplexed because you are unable to figure out the reason behind it. Such is a situation which every mother faces when their munchkin comes to the world.

Newborn babies are often heard crying, sometimes may be at odd hours. But, it becomes difficult for parents to understand the reason behind it. Newborn babies can’t speak, therefore with the help of crying they want their parents to understand their necessity.

Under such circumstances, it is imperative for parents to learn baby care tips, preferably before their birth. It will help you act accordingly, seeing the nature of the newborn’s cry. Let us check out some of the most common reasons for their crying and how you can soothe them.

5 Reasons Why Babies Cry: How to Soothe Them?

• Hunger:

It is often seen that newborn babies start crying due to hunger. And as a result, parents start believing that whenever they are crying, it means they are hunger. But such might not be the case every time. As a mother, you need to understand certain signs which show that your newborn baby is crying due to hunger.

If your baby is doing lip-smacking, putting his hand in the mouth, fussing, or rooting (a reflex action seen in babies when they turn their head to your hand when you cuddle their cheeks), then it is surely a sign that your baby is hungry. But if none of this signs are there then the problem can be something else. So don’t overfeed your baby and understand the cause of crying. If its hunger, then after feeding them, they will automatically stop crying.

•    Stomach aches from colic and gas:

Newborn babies often suffer from stomach problems, and as a result, they can start crying. If your baby is suffering from colic, then the crying is continuous for hours in a day or even extends for weeks. This is mostly seen when the newborn baby fuses and starts crying right after having the meal.

The stomach problem whether gas or colic induces at this stage. In that case, you can consult a child specialist and give anti-gas drops or gripe water (consisting of sodium bicarbonate and herbs). Also, if the newborn faces at an interval, then lie him/her down with their back and move the legs in bicycling motion so as to remove the gas.

• Needs to burp:

The first guide for baby care tip is to make them burp right after feeding. It is often seen that due to the need to burp, babies start crying. This is because while breastfeeding or sucking milk from the bottle; babies swallow the air, which causes uneasiness within. So to make them burp, put their belly on your shoulder and pat the back gently. A good burp will make them stop crying.

• A dirty diaper:

This is one of the most common reasons for newborns to cry even while sleeping. A wet diaper makes them uncomfortable, and the skin becomes itchy. Therefore, if its midnight and your baby wakes up, check the diaper and clean the area properly before putting a new one. Apply baby powder for reducing itchiness.

• Wants to be held:

If there is no are health problems, babies often cry because they want to get cuddled. After birth, the outside world is new to them. They feel secure with their mother, and get frightened when they don’t see the parents around. As such, they can start crying. A little cuddling, in this case, can do wonders.

Understand your baby’s needs and enjoy the moments with him/her. This phase passes quite quickly!


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