How To Keep Your Baby Happy And Entertained?

As your baby grows, she will be exposed to a great many things that will help in her development and growth [Baby Growth].

As you are a part of your baby’s optimum development, you must take part in activities that involve both of you, so that your baby will be kept entertained for a great many hours, and your bond with her will also grow in leaps and bounds.

Here are some ideas for you:

  • You can try reading to him, or telling him short stories, or simply talking to him and singing to him. Babies love the human voice, and can listen to it happily for hours. If you are reading, for instance, you can change your voice according to the characters in the story, and your baby will have a wonderful time listening to the different tones and voices that you make up for him.
  • Make the time, everyday, to spend time alone with your baby. You can use this time to take him out for a stroll in your neighborhood park, and show him and name for him the different flowers, trees and butterflies that you will see in the great outdoors. Make it an enjoyable experience for both your baby and yourself.
  • If it is a rainy day and you can’t go out, get out a set of plastic containers, and make your baby stack them one on top of the other. He will enjoy this activity, and it will keep him busy and entertained for hours. You could also participate, by naming the colors of the containers, or the shapes.
  • Roll a small ball towards each other. This activity will improve your baby’s hand-eye coordination.
  • Many small babies enjoy simply being with their Mommies when they are busy. You could make your baby work alongside you when you are engaged in your daily chores. Most babies love sorting through things, and putting them inside cupboards.
  • Play music and take out your dancing shoes. Most babies enjoy bopping to their favorite tunes, and you too can dance along with your baby. Dancing provides a lot of entertainment and fun for your baby, and it can be a wonderful exercise as well!

No matter what you do, remember, playtime is an educational time, and if it used properly, it can prove to be a valuable learning and developmental exercise for your baby, as he grows up.


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