Guide to Baby Poop and Pooping Habits

The period in which you are pregnant comes with many body changes and surprises in store, but this is nothing as compared to the surprises the birth of the baby can throw at you. Raising a baby is no piece of cake and requires you to be careful and attentive about your baby’s needs, his/her growing changes and even baby poop! Yes, baby poop is a one big full chapter in the book of baby raising and to understand your baby’s stool habits, you will need to be aware of the different category of baby poops and what each type indicates. Let’s take a look at the baby poop chart given below.

baby poop

Baby Poop for Breastfed, Bottled Fed and Weaning Babies

  • After your baby is born, in the first few days, he will be passing a mixture of mucus, bile and amniotic fluid called meconium.  This amniotic fluid present in meconium is that fluid which tends to build up in the intestines of the baby at the time of pregnancy.
  • This meconium is black in color and may sometimes even be green and is very sticky. The stickiness is a sign that the baby’s bowel movement is proper.
  • After a few more days, the baby’s stool will become browny-green in color and then it may also take a slightly yellowish color.  This happens when you start feeding your baby.

Baby Poop of Breastfed Babies:

This is another classification which is based on the manner of feeding which in this case is breastfeeding.

  • Those babies who are breastfed tend to have slightly smelly stools or stools which have a sweet smell. The color of the stool is bright yellow or a ting of mustard.
  • The texture of the stool of breastfed babies is loose and granulated.
  • A baby who is breastfed generally passes stool once in a day and this pattern may vary depending upon the changes in diet.

Baby Poop of Bottle-fed Babies

For those babies who are bottle-fed, the following are some of the poop properties:

  • Those babies who are fed with bottle milk tend to have pale yellow or brownish yellow stool.
  • Their stool is generally slightly harder and solid. It is also bulky as compared to the loose stool of breastfed babies.
  • The stool or poop of a bottle fed baby smells more than that of a breastfed baby.
  • A bottle fed baby passes stool once a day often either during feeding or after it.

Baby Poop of Formula fed Babies

The following is a description of the poop of formula fed babies:

  • Formula fed babies have peanut butter like poop which is pasty.
  • The color of formula fed baby poop is generally brown.
  • The smell of the poop can be very pungent and is more pungent than poop of breastfed or bottle-fed babies.


If your baby has a white, red or black colored poop, then you must immediately call the doctor and tell them about the bowel movements of the baby.

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