Choosing Your Baby’s First Ride

Parents want quite literally to give their child the world, and cannot wait for their baby to be able to enjoy riding a bike or a trike or scooter.

So when you think of getting that first ever ride for your baby, you should keep the following in mind:

  • If a baby is less than three, a scooter is quite inappropriate, because most three year olds are not able to maintain the kind of balance required for that.
  • A tricycle or a trike is probably the best bet for a baby’s first self propelled ride.
  • The tricycle should, ideally have a high back so that the child does not fall back off, and it is also a good idea for it to have a guard that protects a child from falling off.
  • Many babies do not have the coordination of the strength to pedal the tricycle by themselves so it makes sense to have a long handle at the rear that a parent can use to both propel the trike forward and to guide its direction.
  • Make sure that there are no sharp or protruding bits and pieces in the frame of the ride that can be potentially dangerous to your baby.


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