Choosing A Nanny? Thinks To Keep In Mind

It is an incredibly important task, choosing a nanny who will care for your newborn.

You are entrusting your precious one and your home to a person, so that person has to be the soundest possible person you can find. When choosing a nanny keep the following in mind:

  • References are of course really important to find out the abilities and trustworthiness of the person you’re looking to hire.
  • Experience with a lot different babies is also a good thing to look for in a prospective nanny. This way you know that the person is experienced enough to know how to deal with a cranky baby, a colicky baby or a fretful baby. An experienced person will also know when to quit wasting time and to call a doctor!
  • The nanny’s ideas and outlook towards babies should match yours, so make sure that you have a long and intensive interview, where you ask lots of questions such as their motivation to become a nanny and past experiences. Ask about beliefs about child discipline and what they would do in a given situation. Personal questions also can be asked, they need not be taken amiss.
  • And lastly go with it if it feels right; a connection on a personal level could be just the thing for when you’re choosing a nanny.


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