Bring Positive Energy Into Your Little One’s Room With Feng Shui!

feng shuiDecorating your baby’s nursery is one of the most anticipating and enjoyable events during your pregnancy.

According to feng shui practitioners, there are several principles to consider while decorating the baby nursery such as: location of the baby’s bedroom in your house, placing the furniture, color of the room and movement in the room.

Position of the room within your house:

The baby’s room should be in the middle of your house in order to bring a feeling of security into your child.

Don’t locate your baby’s room above a garage or any other empty place in the house. The room should be away from any noise.

If the baby is a boy, then the nursery should be located in the north and east areas of the house. If the baby is a girl, then the nursery should be located in the south, southeast and west areas of the house.

Arranging the furniture:

Locate the crib that has a full view of the entire room and doorways so that your infant can observe you while you enter the room. It makes your infant feel safe. Place the baby crib next to the wall that faces the door.

Coloring the room:

Choose soothing colors but not boring ones. According to feng shui, the best color for your child’s room is white as it is connected with creativity. Also, you can choose soft colors like pale blue, pale green and nice yellow.

Wall images:

Don’t keep garish cartoon characters and action figures. Nature designs are the best and they promote healthy growth.

Delightful decorations:

Keep the room as simple as possible. Don’t keep fair amount of toys[Baby Toys] as they make your baby over-stimulating. One of the greatest feng shui advices is using crystals. [Decorating Kids Room]

Place the crystal in the middle of the room or center of the bed so that your baby feels expansive and blithe.


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