All About the Baby Routine

If the little one has a baby routine for sleeping, eating and playing, life will be easier for both you and the baby. Although every beginning is difficult, there are some tips that you should keep in mind to make the schedule easier to create and easier to implement.

Baby Routine

Bedtime routine for the baby

If the bedtime routine is well established, it will be easier to determine the daytime routine as well. Find a bedtime routine that you can depend on day after day. The truth is that this can’t be forced during the first couple of months, but after that it is quite easy to implement.

When it comes to the routine of the little one you should try to keep things simple. Bathe the baby, put on the PJs, feed him or her and then hit the lights. At the beginning, it is alright if the baby falls asleep during feeding. However later it is important for the baby to learn to fall asleep on his own.

Night and day

If you are thinking about the baby routine, it is good to know that at the beginning the babies don’t know the difference between day and night. In order to have a workable routine you have to teach the baby the difference between day and night.

In order to create the baby schedule you should keep the house bright during the day. During the night, the house should be quiet and dark. When you feed the little one during the night, you shouldn’t talk much to him or her. This way the little one will learn the difference.

Reading the baby’s cues

You can get help with creating a baby routine from friends, family, books and doctors. However, the most important help comes from the baby himself. He or she will give you cues of what they need. If you spend enough time with the baby, you will simply know what he or she needs.

In the majority of the cases, the parents create the schedule of the baby by instinct. Parents say that if you pay close attention to the baby, you will anticipate their needs. Although this takes patience and time, you will see the patterns in the end.

When to start with the baby routine

If you would like the baby to have a routine or if you can see that he or she is already developing one, you should support this starting with the first few weeks. It is best to avoid all deviations from the routine that would push the naptime further.

Once there already is a schedule for the little one, it is very unlikely that the routine will be messed up if you do something different for an afternoon. However, it is crucial to maintain the consistency of the routine until the baby really gets used to it.

It’s not very difficult to create a baby routine, but the parents must be patient and they have to be willing to sacrifice their time to get to know the little one.


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