How To Start Looking For A Day Care Center?

baby care centerMuch as some of us would prefer it, it may not be possible to stay at home with the baby so that the question of selecting the right day care center for your child has to be faced. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

  1. Ask around and research al your possibilities – ask around with friends and relatives, neighbors, and even do some online research.
  2. Does the center have the requisite permissions and accreditations for what they do?
  3. Make a list of your priorities so you know what you’re looking for and what’s an absolute no-no. Cleanliness and safety and caring professionals are of course important, as may be proximity and the policies of the establishment such as the care provider to child ratio.
  4. Do the preliminary checks by making some phone calls, and those that sound promising, you can visit to find out more and get a feel of the place.
  5. Trust your instinct as well as that of your child. If you have a good feeling about the place and the people who run it, it could be worth listening to. Also take your child along to see if he or she takes to the place, other children there and if he or she makes some rapport with the care providers.


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