Know About the Best Substitutes to a Baby Crib

A crib is a small cage like designed bed, especially made for the new born babies for the purpose of their sleeping. Manufactured from thin strips of wood or metal, this crib is essential furniture for the little ones available in varied designs in the market.

You need to choose the best type of crib out of the ordinary, keeping in mind all the factors that will suit you and your baby’s requirements and comfort. If you have planned to buy for your child something in style other than a normal crib, the following varieties can be checked and considered as baby crib substitutes:

substitutes to a baby crib

Floor Bed

It constitutes a baby proofed room with a mattress stretched on the floor. So, a baby can be placed safely without a blanket or a pillow to guard. Also there are no chances of your baby falling from anywhere.

In-Bed Co-Sleepers

This alternative comprises of a smaller size of bed attached with that of the mother’s bed. The sides of the bed are made of hard wooden barriers to keep the baby safe. It further helps the mother while sleeping as there is no chances of rolling over onto the baby.

Moses Basket

A good alternative for anyone who does not want a traditional crib is the Moses Basket. The size of this crib is not too big. So if a baby outgrows fast one needs to find another solution. However this basket is best suited for new born infants. It is convenient to watch the baby take a nap from any corner while using this type of a basket. Moses baskets are not too expensive and are easily available in the market.


This is similar to cribs but is smaller in size and much more affordable. The cradle can be of use up to the sixth month of your baby. The rocking motion of a cradle helps a child to sleep safely at all times.

Travel Crib

Travel crib is one of the best alternatives for a traditional baby crib. Whenever there is a need of carrying the baby to another place this travel crib is the best solution. It is light weighted and travel friendly in nature and every child is easily adapted to it. However, travel cribs are expensive compared to other type of cots.


In the early ages, hammocks were used as cradles for the new born infants. In the modern days, hammocks are designed in style. They are hardy in nature and the fabric used to design them is light and breathable. Hammocks can be used until your baby crosses one years of age.

Although there are a lot of alternatives for cribs in the present market, one should choose and purchase the best alternative that fits properly and is safe for the child.


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