Baby’s Bedding: Safety Tips

Although I know it may be hard for you to believe it, your baby’s bedding plays a very important role in his wellbeing and health.

The reason is because your baby’s bedding may be causing him an allergy, and you may not have realized it, or it may be completely unsafe for him, and you may not be aware of it.

Before you buy bedding for your baby, consider these small tips:

  • Do not use soft bedding for your newborn infant. This includes soft pillows, cushions, quilts, comforters and sheepskins. The reason? The baby may get suffocated.
  • Use only thin blankets for wrapping your infant in, and preferably, the kind that is used in hospitals as soon as your baby is born. Also make sure that the blanket does not have any loose strings or loops that could get caught in baby’s fingernails and inadvertently fall over his face when he is asleep. A little caution will go a long way.
  • Make sure that the sheets that you use for baby’s bedding are firmly tucked in, and cannot be pulled loose by wandering hands and legs.
  • Avoid using an electric blanket for baby’s bedding; you never know.
  • Avoid using a waterbed, and never let him sleep on one.
  • Make sure that you wash your baby’s bedding, including his sheets, pillow cases and blankets, at least once a week in hot water. This will help eliminate dust mites, and help prevent allergies and eventual asthma.
  • If your baby likes to place stuffed animals on his bed, make sure that you wash these too once in a while. These stuffed soft toys can attract quite a lot of dust, causing allergies in your baby.
  • Today, a ‘baby sleep positioner’ is available. This is a pillow made of foam. The foam is pliable, and will mold itself to fit your baby’s head snugly, and will also help support the weight of his head. It has adjustable sides which will help keep your baby in place, so that he will remain safe, and free you from constant worry and tension.

Remember; your baby’s bedding can contribute a great deal to his wellbeing and health, and you can spend a little time researching baby bedding before you actually buy a set. You don’t have to spend too much; in fact, the simpler it is, the better it will be for your baby, so that both your baby and you can enjoy nights of uninterrupted sleep!


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