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prevent baby bottle tooth decay

5 Ways to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is a problem faced by toddlers or infants in the case when their teeth get rotten due to the bacteria that feeds on sugar present in the milk or juice that is fed to them. Tooth rot at such an early age is not at all a healthy thing and can […]

techniques to improve a child’s concentration

5 Simple Activities and Techniques to Improve A Child’s Concentration

Right from the very beginning, it is important to engage your child in those activities which can help him build his concentration and focus better. There are some children who may experience lack of focus and attentiveness and this may hinder their learning process and effect their school or academic performance. In such a scenario, […]

gifting ideas for premature babies

7 Fantastic Gifting Ideas for Premature Babies

Premature babies tend to stay longer at the hospital than other right-timed babies and may face some or the other kind of health concern in the initial few days after birth. Since a premature baby may need more care from the hospital staff and the parents, it is important to choose the right kind of […]

ways of cleaning an infant’s mouth

Effective Ways of Cleaning an Infant’s Mouth

Normally people think that it is important to clean the mouth of infant only after tooth appears. However, this is not true. Right from the beginning of the birth, it is essential to clean their mouth. The infants usually intake milk and this would sometimes get stuck to their gums. If not cleaned it time, […]

ideas for twin baby bedding

The Best Ideas for Twin Baby Bedding

Baby beds are extremely essential item for the children, be it at any age you must give special attention while choosing it. Especially for the twins, the bedding should be made comfortable and also attractive with complementing designs and colors. It needs to be soft and the twins need to get easily adjusted to it […]

manage sleep schedule of twin babies

5 Effective Ways to Manage Sleep Schedule of Twin Babies

You must have heard this many times from many relatives and friends that having twins means having double trouble. Well while this may be true but think about the double fun that you are going to have or have had when you had your twins! Well but the one thing that might be a problem […]

annoying toddler habits

How do you Deal with the Most Annoying Toddler Habits?

Daily actions tend to become habits over a period of time and hence, it is essential to tackle and deal with the bad habits in a right way. The usual toddler habits that turn out to be annoying include thumb sucking, crying over small things etc. For the sake of getting rid of such habits, […]

getting your child ready for preschool

Tips for Getting your Child Ready for Preschool

The start of preschool for your child may be a time of mixed as well as conflicting emotions for you and your child. You might feel happy and excited that your child will at last be going to school and will make new friends as he starts on this very important milestone. Coupled with this […]