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things to avoid on a baby shower

Things to Avoid on a Baby Shower: Faux Pas

You may look a lot forward to your baby shower but organizing one can be a very daunting affair, one which may lead you drained. There are many social blunders that can happen on a baby shower and thus one needs to be very carefully while planning one. There are many things that you must […]

pros and cons of trendy baby names

The Various Pros and Cons of Trendy Baby Names

When a baby is conceived or born, not only the parents but also almost everyone is interested in keeping a suitable name for the baby. While some may prefer traditional and popular names, others may suggest trendy names which are offbeat and a slightly unheard of. Trendy baby names are truly in trend and everybody […]

the dos and don’ts while shopping for baby clothes

The Dos and Don’ts While Shopping for Baby Clothes

When a baby is about to enter your life or when a little infant is growing up, shopping for baby clothes becomes extremely important. But as important the need is, so is the procedure of buying the clothes for the toddler. To avoid making some major mistakes while shopping for baby clothes, there are many […]

pre-schooling kids at home

Why Pre-Schooling Kids at Home is so Important?

Sending your toddler to the big school is a big decision that you need to take. Pre-school parenting at home is important as it is essential that you make your kid school-ready. School readiness is all about being emotionally and socially prepared and also about having proper language, communication and motor skills. Being able to […]

help your baby sleep

Help Your Baby Sleep with 5 Easy Remedies

Babies like every other activities need to learn to sleep properly too. If as an expected or new parent you think that they are preprogrammed to eat and sleep, then you are gravely mistaken. As parents you need to know even without being told that just like you would be required to assist and teach […]

useful steps towards deciding your baby’s name

10 Useful Steps Towards Deciding your Baby’s Name

Are you a new parent? Wrecking your brain to find a unique name for your baby? We understand that picking your baby’s name can be daunting more often than none. After all it is something that your bay will be identified as for as long as he/she lives. With recent incidents of unique baby names […]

safe choices for your baby’s furniture

Safe Choices for Your Baby’s Furniture

Furniture purchase should be primarily prioritized to serve a purpose instead of style decoration. This should the first thing in your mind when you are out to buy baby furniture. Today with advanced furniture both functionality and style are well combined. Despite that make sure that you choose and purchase your baby’s furniture based on […]

babies and beds

Babies and Beds: Tips to Choose the Right One

Apprehension and safety of a baby to a new mother is of extreme importance and priority. New born babies are prone to Sudden Infant Death Syndromes or SIDS. To completely avoid such symptoms and mishaps we should be extra careful with the baby beddings. Here are some great ways to protect your new born babies […]