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travelling with twins

Tips for Travelling with Twins

You might have to travel with kids and to top it up, with twins. The reason for the travel is not important. What is important is that you must keep yourself convinced that everything will be fine, even if you have two kids to handle on your trip. Having gained confidence that things will work […]

ensure a visit to a doctor

Symptoms to Ensure a Visit to a Doctor

Babies fall sick; often get affected by common cold once to several times a year, pertaining to his weak immune system at his developmental stages. However, when it comes to an infant who knows nothing except crying to express his bodily discomfort, even his parents might encounter problem to distinguish his normal fussiness and placid […]

tips for infants at play time

Safety Tips for Infants at Play-Time

Babies become more mobile and hard to handle when they start crawling, hence, it’s time to upgrade your safety department during his play-time. Babies always tend to be heading towards trouble and perils once they are out of your sight. So, it might seem difficult to keep them away from any damage while providing them […]

steps to handle your boy

5 Steps to Handle Your Boy

Your kid is gradually growing up and so is your aggravation at the troubles with culminates almost everyday. Unless you have a brother, or already a mother of another son, handling a boy and raising him up to be a well-groomed and chivalrous gentleman may seem to be a vision impossible to be achieved. Boys […]

tend a premature infant

Tips to Tend a Premature Infant

Now that your beloved infant is finally home from NICU, it’s time for you to take the motherly position of taking care of him from every aspect- feeding him, bathing him, lulling him to sleep. This would have been perfectly normal unless you are gifted with a premature baby who requires additional caution in each […]

prevent baby bottle tooth decay

5 Ways to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

Baby bottle tooth decay is a problem faced by toddlers or infants in the case when their teeth get rotten due to the bacteria that feeds on sugar present in the milk or juice that is fed to them. Tooth rot at such an early age is not at all a healthy thing and can […]

techniques to improve a child’s concentration

5 Simple Activities and Techniques to Improve A Child’s Concentration

Right from the very beginning, it is important to engage your child in those activities which can help him build his concentration and focus better. There are some children who may experience lack of focus and attentiveness and this may hinder their learning process and effect their school or academic performance. In such a scenario, […]

gifting ideas for premature babies

7 Fantastic Gifting Ideas for Premature Babies

Premature babies tend to stay longer at the hospital than other right-timed babies and may face some or the other kind of health concern in the initial few days after birth. Since a premature baby may need more care from the hospital staff and the parents, it is important to choose the right kind of […]